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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saint Slut+Tricks Day

A mere month ago we were professing dying love for each other, now St Patrick's Day has become the Halloween of Spring with far too many "ladies" prancing around in slutty looks.

This afternoon, wee quick into meeting up, Miss L.N. and I actually saw a girl proudly displaying this comforting assertion on her bosom

(Man I wish I'd had my camera!)

I'm sure your Irish mother and Irish father are so proud of you, my little shamrock. 

I decided to do a little research and leaping Leprechauns wouldn't you know, I'm late to the orgy!

Cue movie montage music:

This makes my Warwick Davis tingle 

("Sexy Lucky Green Female Leprechaun Costume, $44.99 at the no ounce of irony implied

Don't worry, girl, no one's looking at your cultural accuracy

("Sexy Lucky Charm" Costume, $42.42 on sale at

If you're more the shy, behind closed doors (but proudly Irish!) type, go for this under layer which for $18.95 you can personalize with any lucky boy or girl's name

(Personalized thong, $19 at

I'm sure there's plenty more but my Irish pride refuses to delve deeper in this doo doo. 

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