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Friday, March 11, 2011

That Little Plot of Poison

I'm always on the lookout for useless knowledge, especially some that if ye' old roommate starts acting up become not so useless no more. 

This here tome of toxins is just that: inside the ins and outs of every poison possible are broken down for writers in the rough. This includes the colorful history of the poison, the proper way to administer it, how long before said poison "takes" and all the ghastly symptoms. 

Industrial poisons, deadly plants, insect bites, Windex, and of course powdered arsenic for unwanted grandchildren's daily gingerbread cookies are amongst this complete encyclopedia of venom. 

Now I have no intentions of writing the great American crime novel anytime soon, but it's almost dinner party and picnic season and I need this treasury of cocktail part fodder now!

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