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Monday, January 10, 2011

Staycation, All I Ever Wanted

I've been feeling my battery run down a bit lately, what with the holiday blitz and the working, working, working, so I decided as part of my new year's resolution, to pull a week of straight up, old fashioned "ME time"

I'm taking a week off (Monday the 10th-Monday the 17th) to do what I want to do versus what I have to do

And with this commitment comes a list. I can be a man of lists, but sometimes I lack follow through. But now I'm gonna post the list here in the open and hopefully the pressure will be on to complete all my goals for the week. Ready? It's time for stock photography!

1. Visit a Museum

My New Year's resolution is to remember why I'm in New York and part of that is culture. Some of the best museums in the world lie in the 212 and I rare to never go. Some of them, like MoMa and The Whitney, I've never even ventured into in my 6 years here. Shame spiral!

2. Open an Ebay store

Remember that holiday blitz I was just referring to? Well that includes lots of presents I now need to find room for in my Chinatown apartment. That means ish gotta go! And who doesn't like a little dough on the side, child? 

3. Go to the tailor

This has been haunting me for a few months everytime I open the closet and see these amazing Trovata pants just mocking me with their needing of a hem. A must!

4. Land a freelance gig

Again, a little moolah on the side ain't never hurt nobody. I got a jump start on this one Friday and set up a gig covering the Moda Manhattan show today. More on that later, I'm sure.

5. Cook a dish I've never made before

I like to cook and I'm always open to something new. Over this coming week I wanna prepare some recipe I've never made. Plain and simple.

6. Re-visit Washington Heights

I first moved to New York via Washington Heights and something is pulling me back there. I can't explain it and who knows if it will just be a five minute reunion but I need to pop back round, although it won't be the same without you, Mrs Peacock.

So that's my list and I'm sticking to it. Or at least hope to get as many checked off as I can before next Monday. Wish me luck!

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