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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You Got to Change Your E.vil Ways

Me thinks this Queen of E.vil label is a sign of the pretend/ dress up times and this Bond 666 store is trying a tad bit too hard to say something. Anything

(it says "queen of evil" as that last bit)

And really that whole faux "I'm with the Beelzebub" look is still all the rage? I thought
Hot Topic had officially nailed fake Satanists up in the ground.

Suppose that's why the store copped the bitch angle as well

Check all the following personality traits that apply upon entering

and what the hell is AWRCCRG? Or is an acronym too much to handle in neon? 

Queen of E.vil then tosses in a random pinch of Avril Lavigne style adoption of artists whose talent you can associate yourself with just by slapping their name on a t-shirt

God, Kitson much?

Lastly a rando fashion reference tries, sorta, to nod its hat to New York (you know cuz Soho fashion kids will buy anything with Chanel on it!)

The end results are a hybrid of DASH style pop culture artifice and showy proselytizing. And no staffing agency would send either a Kardashian or Anton LaVey out for a management position, honey!

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