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Monday, January 24, 2011

How About Miu Miu's Apples?

Hey there, Lolita. How about I walk you home from school?

Resort collections have flooded the stores right now as we patiently await Spring and Miu Miu has some of my favorite pieces. The whole line is great but the killer accessories emblazoned with blurry edged digitalized apple prints and in sharp plastic pops of acid color (both reminiscent of elementary school art class) are what really make my heart skip

A vivid belt in fire engine red accented with a pop art halved apple is a great way to refresh your sweater and pencil skirt combinations this late in the Winter game and then is a keen way to belt a shirt-dress come Spring

(Patent belt with plexiglass and Swarovski crystal detail apple buckle, Miu Miu, $264 at

As a dude, not so sure I could pull off this scarf, but I really wanna try. There's something borderline Ichabod Crane about this "ascot", as I'd call it

(Silk scarf with apple applique, Miu Miu, $195 at

Obviously Miu Miu has nimbly designed again the recharging accessories of the season, but move fast, cuz I swear as I was writing this post these apple earrings sold out

(Swarovski crystal detail plexiglass clip-ons, Miu Miu, $190 at

Damn that Cheryl Cole! Anything she wears those silly Brits will scratch up every last one til gone

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