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Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes 2011

being a gay with a blog, I gotta comment, right? Well here's my abridged version


Angelina wins my best dressed for wearing a rich color and fulfilling the dress' promise of drama with that wave of tousled hair. Elegant, yes, but will sneak out of the party early with your husband (I swear I wrote this and then realized the "aha" irony of it!)

Christina Hendricks also brought the drama and rocked a striking color. I kinda love this girl and her just slightly off dress choices. I'd have ditched that cheapy satin trim, but going as an impressive column of red? Love that!

Helena Bonham Crater wins the F**K you award with these mismatched shoes. Or maybe she was going for a kindergarten sense of style, either way I'm team Bonham Carter, baby!


Look we all know I'm not a fan of Natalie Portman but I am a fan of Viktor and Rolf and yet I cannot defend this saccharine concoction. Too sweet and too much what a sweet, bland girl next door would wear to prom. "I'm a pretty, pretty princess, mommy, right?" Blech.


Where'd they dig up this Coyote Ugly?!

but let's end this with a little YUMMY, shall we:

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