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Monday, January 17, 2011

How I Spent my Staycation

Tomorrow I go back to work. -sigh- It all happened so fast. But I spent my time wisely nicking off my goals and just enjoying my doing what I want to do and not 
what I have to.

On Saturday I went to the museum

Well... technically I went to the museum.... just didn't go in. It was madness (I forgot how crazed Saturdays in the city be!) and Miss M.T. forgot her MoMA pass so we decided that the best museum day is a day spent at Bergdorfs!

I haven't spent a day in Bergdorfs probably since I first moved here, so it felt right to wander through every floor and take in all the curations of resort and spring designs

Decision well made, Saturday well played

On Sunday Mr Taurus woke me up early to go to the Housing Works volunteer appreciation brunch where I won an award

and Mr G and I donated 3 bags of clothes to H.W. and found this vaguely racist dress
I wanted to get for my friend Miss J

(minty green wool cap sleeve dress with embroidered rickshaws, $35 at Housing Works, 245 w 10th Street, 212-358-1618)

All in all I'd say staycation well stayed. I didn't make it to Washington heights, but it's not going anywhere. I'll get there. And I didn't open an Ebay store, but donated the clothes to a good cause instead. And now I'm feeling refreshed and raring to go! Doin' it!

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