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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thank You Card Roundup

If your momma taught you right, it's time to write. Here are my card suggestions to make it an enjoyable pen to paper measure

1. Creativity Cards "nice package" letterpress thank you cards, $6 for three at

Are you the mannered but kinda whorish friend that has to make everything a penis joke? Well this is the card for you. Now I expect one in the mail for finding this for you.

Perfect to send to: your boyfriend, your slutty best friend that makes your boyfriend nervous, your office crush

2. Crane and Co. multi-lingual hand engraved cotton thank you notes, $17 for ten at

Oh well, Guten Tag. Aren't you a smarty pants. Betcha can't tell me each country of origin on here or why these are so bougie, but cin-cin to you either way!

Perfect to send to: your well traveled Aunt, your hot foreign exchange student you're trying to impress even though he gave you some nasty tasting candy in the shape of a log

3.Sarah B. owl coloring book style thank you card with crayons, $10 for 10  at

Like a Mad Libs gone coloring book. I would have a hard time not coloring these before mailing them, thus robbing the recipient of a good evening in. If you are said recipient, I apologize in advance. 

Perfect to send to: young children or grown men who forget they grown (ahem)

4. Give Studio letterpress grid cotton thank you card, $16 for six at Felt & Wire,

So graphic and simple and linear, this is the post-modern, un-fussy thank you card.

Perfect to send to: straight males, the I.T. guy you torture cuz "you're a PC", your favorite waiter (although you best throw some cash in there!)

5. OrangeBeautiful letterpress "you're welcome" cards, $14 for 6 at Supermarket,

I guess there once was a world where people sent thank you cards and then you replied with a 'you're welcome' card. This is obviously pre-Top Model marathons. Yet it appears these redundant wonders still exist. Why not twist it around into a mildly sarcastic note with sincere thoughts of thanks inside. Or go one extra snarky step and send it legitimately listing why the recipient is lucky to be graced with your friendship. (extra points if you get a thank you card back!)

Perfect to send to: hipsters or other people you hate

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