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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Put Everything You Can Think Of Into Your Minkoff

At the Fame/Moda trade show I covered Monday I spoke with an editor of Accessories Magazine whom I noticed was carrying a conspicuously light load. "How does she do it," I thought to myself sliding off my large backpack full of look books and line sheets to have a spot of lunch. Then I notice her chic little studded Rebecca Minkoff cross-body bag and saw my opener

Me: I love your Rebecca Minkoff

She: Thanks. Me too and it's surprisingly roomy. I have all the business cards of every booth in here

and then she unzipped it showcasing the punky little bag's python-like ability to swallow up a U-Haul of contact information

Sleek and vacuous?

Minkoff, you think of everything!

(Rebecca Minkoff stud "Rocker" bag in black with gunmetal studs, $310 on sale at


  1. I bought that bag a roundabout soho the first time I worked there!

  2. oh you're the one! I couldn't recall where that bag went. Shoulda known.


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