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Friday, January 14, 2011

Nouveau Dish

And it was!

As part of staycation week, last nite I cooked a dish I've never made before, red bean cakes with coconut sauce

(Lucifer approved the menu)

I sauteed up the onion, red pepper and celery 

before kinda mashing them by hand with the red beans (and the jasmine rice I had made earlier) and cilantro, my idea since I thought the parsley the recipe called for was a little wimpy. the spinach was for the salad

After forming them into patties I fried them up in olive oil, turning each side every 7 mins or so. the good thing about these cakes is if you over cook them a little, they get crispy

Now I have never made a patty of any kind, so there were more than just a couple 
"first pancakes" in the lot

(you can see the sauce simmerin' in the back too)

but Mr Taurus, Miss M.T. and Miss J.B. and I somehow managed to tear the dozen up!

I layered the finished patty on top of the spinach, radish and grapefruit salad which was on top of cranberry pumpkin seed toast with the spring onion and almond coconut milk sauce drizzled over

the salad I winged together cuz I love radishes and pink grapefruit

this is the only pic I got of the sauce, but it was super easy: blend together spring onion, almond and coconut milk for a medium thickness, not runny

the table

the wine

the post-wine beer

Everyone raved about the cakes and the salad and the whole dinner and it turned into an impromptu dance party towards the end. Yay! Another goal accomplished, another great meal with friends

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