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Friday, January 14, 2011

French Vogue's Getting Piggy with the Talent

Watch out Emmanuelle Alt, Miss Piggy is gunning for your gig. 

According to Vogue UK, Miss Piggy will play an editor for French Vogue in the latest Muppet movie slated for February 2012. 

You just know every designer with a sense of humor is calling for a cameo! Couldn't you just see Isaac Mizrahi and Piggy at a power lunch while she's decked out in mini Oscar de la Renta and a wee Chanel classic quilted? 

(well excuse me, girlfriend. Of course you've already got a classic. How silly of me.)

(and obviously ELLE, but Miss Piggy and Catherine Deneuve together? Purrrrr)

Original article:

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