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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snag Hag

Ever since my sister's high school years of a perfected mix of casual punk indifference with art school tendencies, I've been a sucker for a frayed sweater. One with holes, snags, tears or an open, delicate knit that looks like any stray nail would be it's undoing

Now I found this mohair blend loose knit sweater from ASOS that is my mood right now exact: colorful, playful, silly and a bit disheveled

With so many new year goals in sight I don't know what to jump on first, but I know I could toss this dressy messy on and look like I attempted some winky polish without trying too hard

Although I'd ditch Miss Rihanna 2009's Williamsburg stance and leer. It's a sweater of many colors, hon, lighten up!

(Mohair blend loose knit long sweater, James Long for ASOS, $77.58 on sale at

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