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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Way Off Target

(Oh, why so blue, Bullseye?)

You know Target, you've become pretty unfashionable company to keep lately. Your current William Rast clothing colab is country bumpkin goes L.A., a look personified by Justin Timberlake. Mess.

(umm... none of this sexy)

Now InStyle confirms May 2011 will see the release of a Target/Calypso St Barth designer collection.


Isn't Calypso, a sad sack sexless line proudly worn by frigid old Jennifer Aniston,
just higher priced Chico's?

(shudder inducing pathetic)

And yet again you're getting a little loosey goosey with the term designer, aren't cha? (Although I guess if Timberlake counts...)

So I finish with a valuable tip I learned along the way:

I understand fully how frustrated you can get, Target, sitting there longing for something meaningful and productive. However, until that elusive gem comes along, don't just take any old thing that lands on your doorstep. It won't make you feel any better. Be selective and know firmly what you won't settle on and you'll find happiness by not busying yourself with fruitless endeavors.

You're welcome! Please send me the whole Marni for Target collection as a thank you (seriously, that's a good idea! You heard it here first)

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