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Thursday, January 27, 2011

HURTS so Good

Meanwhile in Britain (and the rest of Europe) a Manchesterian synthpop duo have quietly infiltrated the pop culture, taking over despite never appearing on X Factor! Although Dannii Minogue's big sis, Kylie, is a fan and has collaborated with them on a song, "Devotion" from their debut album, "Happiness". Hurts also did a live cover of Kylie's "Confide in Me" for British tabloid, The Sun's "Biz Sessions" (their exclusive online Unplugged-esque series)

"Happiness", has gone certified gold in the UK and Hurts' headlining tour has also sold out. They are now the opening act for huge in England Scissor Sisters' tour and have been contacted for collaboration with Leona Lewis and other pop artists

Hurts sound is a mix of Johnny Hates Jazz, Naked Eyes, and Cause & Effect ... ie: total synth pop dramatics.

Guess it'll fit in perfectly on the old I-pod!

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