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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taken Out to Posture

(Posture cartoons got back!)

I'm a short guy. Not short like bordering on little person, but more like average short.
I'm 5'9. You know, average short. But my co-worker the other day guesses 5'7! Yikes.
I realized right then and there I need to work on my posture

(hey shorty)

Standing up straight is the easiest way to add instant inches. When I stood up straight I felt taller and my co-workers saw the 5'9-ness.

And there's an additional benefit from correcting my posture. I'm getting old and creaky and suffered some terrible neck stiffness last week. While I won't deny it might be time for a new mattress, I think my posture has something to do with it

But now what? I mean slouching is second nature and has a sexy James Dean rebel vibe. And he was 5'8! Maybe he was on to something. When you're tired of shotgunning into a 90 degree angle, stop, slouch and radiate charm and mystery. Much easier!

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