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Monday, February 6, 2012

Gosh, is Deconstruction Back in?

I have to say, this week's might be the best collection of designs since Project Runway All Stars started.

Perhaps it was the 2 day time frame that allowed the designers the chance to breathe and really show what they're capable of, but whatever the reason I didn't hate anything from the "take clothes off strangers and reconstruct it into something cute" challenge

Even Anthony's eliminated ensemble featured agreeable, on trend high-waisted pants and turban. He was cut merely for not using enough of his collected resources, showing that given enough time this contestant pool will rise to the challenge. 

But let's get back to our show ponies:


I thought this was a shoe-in for both its chic girliness and for being a nice stretch of Austin's aesthetic. Wild for that skirt and I know many a girl who would wear this right now. 


Who am I to question a wild print, color block, granny short and the jacket was Rick Owens for Macy's which is, I swear, a compliment

This was a tough call, but since the judges really adhered to the basis of the challenge, reinvention, I'm gonna go for Austin's. He tore that punk ish from his girl off the street up and made a lady with edge

LOVE that skirt! 

At the end of week five, they're both still very much alive

Austin  3

Mondo 2

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