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Friday, February 10, 2012

Is There a Work Day You Get Particularly Dressed Up?

I'm a Monday person. Yup, you heard that right, I'm 100% in Monday's corner. Perhaps it's that feeling of a clean slate or a residual spring in my step from formerly having Mondays off.

Of course, it could go back to when I was a kid and Monday was the day my mom had off and could pick me up from school.

Whatever the reason, I'm that obnoxious guy who loves a Monday

And I always look the part. I dress up for Monday, taking time from my invaluable Sunday to plan ahead something fresh and fun. No explanation really, other than I want to start the work week off right. 

This got me to wonder if others have a day they polish up for. 

Asking around, I discovered my friend who works for a non-profit in Baltimore is also a fan of Monday but that's mostly because "that's when everyone is here in the office and we have our staff meeting". Yes, girl! Fake that funk! 

(Photo courtesy of

A very well dressed co-worker of mine (and recent mother) says she tries "harder in the beginning of the week because A) I often spend Sundays in sweats and B) I'm a little more rested from the weekend to get up early." I hear that. 

Yet my boss focuses more on "Tuesday, Wednesday. Monday I'm still in weekend mode and that Sunday night while planning an outfit or waking up Monday to plan is horrid." Remind me to never ask for a raise on a Monday. 

A common theme came up as I continued to grill friends and co-workers about their thought process for getting dressed in the morning: what are they doing after work? 

A pretty lady who works in the photo studio says she looks a little extra pretty on "Fridays. Date night! So I try to wear something that works well from day to night....and something that I can accessorize."

Another pretty lady and one of my favorite dressers in the office echoed date night sentiment, although she stated Wednesday or Thursday was preferable. Why Wed or Thurs? "Cheaper date night, longer happy hour." Ha! Love it! The booze is cheap but the lady looks rich! 

And speaking of booze, finally someone fessed up to a suspicion I'd had all along. Dressing up works as a halo. "I dress up Wednesday," a particularly zesty co-worker tells me, "because Tuesdays are the best night to go out. If you have a good outfit it will lessen the hangover feeling. Look decent = feel decent." 

 Totally taking note of what ensemble she pulls together this coming Wednesday. 

So what about? Is there a particular work day you step up your wardrobe game? I'd love to hear about it! 

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