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Thursday, February 2, 2012

All the Single Ladies, All the Single Ladies...

Keep away from your friend's man! 

That's the lesson we're starting off this month of l'amour with thanks to our good friends over at Glamour magazine. Turns out those of us lucky enough to have found Mr Right are quick to wrong others.

So this website I ain't never heard of, LiveScience, conducted an experiment with 130 non-singles (male and female) and monitored their responses to the unattached. According to their findings, folks in a relationship are "more inclined to put down members of their own sex and to be more aggressive toward them." 

People were asked to assess singles for a dating site and the results were scandalous. Those participants that "were reminded of their deep loves for their partners rated the dates as unattractive, unfriendly and other insults."

But I say : what gives? There's way too many loopholes in this "scientific experiment". Were the interview subjects in front of their sweeties and so therefor didn't want to rave about some hot blond girl? (You know you've done it "No, honey I don't think Mila Kunis is cuter than you.") Why were no singles brought in as a contrast opinion? Perhaps the people on the dating site were ugly?

Or perhaps we marrieds just don't want no home-wrecking hussies all up on our man? 

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