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Monday, February 13, 2012

Project Runway All Stars Austin vs Mondo: Seasonal Dressing

The Winter of my discontent. This was the worst challenge. Or maybe I just have runway fatigue this week

(Angela, equally bored)

Either way here's the results served up with some snark


So before we begin, really, can we talk about why each paring stole ideas from one another. Because I liked Austin's high-waisted pant here and then Kara up and does a high waisted pant. That won their Spring season! What??

What about Kara's look says "winner"?! This is sad shut-in runs to the store! 

Not that Austin's prim tea break from the lending library fared much better. I love a good floral, but this ain't it. I was genuinely worried for me old pal, Austin, this week. 


The judges had the nerve to rip apart how "juniors" Mondo's look was but then turn right around and rave about this polka dot romper from Kenley? (Again polka dots from both of you? For Summer?)

And downplay the uneven polka dots. Really visually heinous

I'm gonna reward this week to Mondo. I like "Juniors" clothes and think win or lose, he needs to ditch the PR franchise and become head designer of Forever 21. And I mean that as the utmost compliment! 



Once again tied up. These two are like the Giants vs Patriots, but a wee bit gayer.

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