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Friday, February 17, 2012

Hey Michelle Obama, How About an Oscar?

Oscar de la Renta has a long standing grudge against our First Lady for not wearing more American designers, which a lot of people think translates to not wearing his designs (or maybe the It Can't All Be Dior offices are just a bunch of cynical old pusses)

Reviewing the Fall 2012 collection I noticed some pieces that Shelly O could really make sing and make Oscar smile

M'Obama love a printed, embellished coat and the one above does not disappoint

She also loves a  full skirt and both it and the shift to the right have a new Camelot feel to them. Plus that shift will show off those guns.

Speaking of guns, how sexy would this gown be for some formal event?

And the below pant and top combo for more day meetings

Sleek, modern and feminine, ODR has a lot of options to make peace with FLOTUS. Syria, take note.

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