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Thursday, February 9, 2012

What Will be the Color for Fall 2012?

                              (Rich orange tone reds at Chloe)

(Greens graphics at Fendi)

Based on looks from the designer collections for Pre-Fall, can we make an educated guess on the 'it' color that will emerge over the next few weeks?

Yellow has proven a strong trend leader for Spring 2012, will its dominance carry over?

(Luscious lemon at Louis Vuitton) 

Perhaps we'll crave for gemtone swatches of amethyst and sapphire when the temps finally dip this year (clearly Winter has gracefully bowed out for now, so for us cold weather lovers our eyes already turn to the far off bookend of hope)




Or will the upset be that after a Spring awash in the color spiked punch of pastels and vibrant hues, Fall will revert back to bleak black and boring beige? 

We shall see starting today, but for the money I'm putting my green on ... green

(Going green, also LV)

It's been slowly eeking its way into a borderline neutral shade for a few seasons now and has proven strong on red carpets and editorials, perhaps green will have its red moment and cross over to the closets of the color-phobic. 

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