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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Ethical Fur Solution

With the New York Fall 2012 runways ablaze with fur, obviously this ugly trend is not going anywhere. So how does one ethically bridge the gap between heart and sleeve?

Answer: vintage. A fur that already exists causes no further damage and without people adopting old furs into their wardrobe, add to overstuffed landfills. It's the perfect green solution to an otherwise deadly fad. 

And what perfect timing since the 96th and Broadway Housing Works is hosting a recycled and vintage fur event tomorrow 

So now not only does a second hand fur benefit the animals you've spared the knife, but all $$ spent goes to people living with AIDS. Charity squared! 

At 11am Saturday, Housing Works 96th Street

2569 Broadway between 96th & 97th streets


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