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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Ooh the battle of the queens grew electric this week when the challenge became "BROADWAY"! 

And what a fabulously muddled challenge at hand. So the character the designers are creating for is rich and showy but she should look like she stole items from a flea market? 

Thanks "Godspell" actress we never saw again for that very explicit explanation 

(Ooh, girl, did no one tell you that you were gonna be on TV? The stage is forgiving.) 

Let's see what our little costumer elves banged out in response


Workin' it!


Here's why Austin is an 'All Star' in the land of reality television: when this came out I was like 'oh he is done for!' but somehow this take on one of Henry the 8ths lesser wives totally played out almost nailing him a win? What?



Was there a part of this week's instruction I missed? Where did it say make a direct historical reference to a lady of royalty, because if this ain't some Catherine the Great ish, I'll be a monkey's uncle! And that Eraserhead hair? Ooh child. 

Hey, at least we managed to go the whole episode without jazz hands....


Well despite that offense I'm giving it to Mondo, cuz in my fantasy league, nerd alert, battle royale between former queens, Catherine could whoop on Marie Antoinette any old day. Take that queen!

Austin    3

Mondo   4

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