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Thursday, February 9, 2012

How Important is Your Partner's Style?

"First of all, he has great style"

-Jennifer Aniston on Justin Theroux, InStyle March 2012

Hmm, this got me wondering: in the grand hunt for "the one" where does their sense of style rank in importance? Obviously finding someone initially attractive (including their dress) is how we choose a mate, but is having style similarity important in maintaining a partner? Could a Marni kinda gal be in a relationship with a "this is my going out shirt" kinda guy?

Personally, Mr Taurus has a great sense of style that is innate and attuned not to trends but in a way of making clothes that others would quickly overlook into more than discarded rags. He's got style that oozes through  and I am drawn to his loose, sexy mix of worn t-shirts, paint splattered jeans, military school boy jackets, Russian hats and beaded Native American headbands


So, believe it or not, seems like little miss unlucky in love Aniston has caught on to something here: maybe having a respect for your partner's creativity and their ability to make clothes look stylish and sexy is key to never losing the lust for your love. 

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