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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lord Be Praised

Lord & Taylor's new Spring campaign is all about the re-model, baby. They've re-modeled the flagship on Fifth Avenue and now they've upgraded their ad campaign featuring a newly slimmed down Crystal Renn too

There's a number of reasons to love these ads. Not only is there a great new slogan and a great new look, but with a raven haired beauty and a classic department store glamour, it feels like the first time in memory that the good old L&T is running with the big boys.

But just to remind you that it still knows its audience (and the economy we're still in despite our government saying otherwise) I love the blatant trumpeting of values. "Yes you can look fabulous and on trend and it's just under $200"

Glamour at a real level is capital M Modern! And that's not a word used for the Lord and Taylor for a minute. Bravo!

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