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Friday, February 25, 2011

Beth Ditto is Feeling an Immaculate Connection to Madonna

I LOVE Beth's new E.P. produced by former collaborators Simian Mobile Disco (she was the one dryly stating "Call me up...We'll Hang Out...I'm down for whatever" on their 2009 single "Cruel Intentions")

Last week she released a video for her lead single, "I Wrote the Book" and in the video there's a total homage to the fact that actually Madonna wrote the book, darlings. We're just following her writings. 

Yes the images are clearly "Justify My Love" influenced but Madonna is all over this video with all those mesh, exposed bras, crosses, grainy "Erotica" style closeups, Truth or Dare-esque shots of Beth in hotel robes and hair towels and with her dancers in bed...hell, she even has a pronounced beauty mark when she's dancing and leaving the hotel.

Beth, I like your voice, your style and I love a lady who acknowledges her influences. Meet you on the dancefloor when "Get Into the Groove" comes on!

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