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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Damnnn! Nicki Minaj Stole this Week's SNL

Sorry I'm about a day behind, but I kinda spent all day yesterday fuming

But now I'm so ready to shout from the rooftops how much I loved Nicki Minaj this week on SNL. Her sense of humor sparkled as she stole not one but two skits of the evening.

When the Lonely Island music number started with a Max Headroom styled John Waters, I knew we were in for some funny. But Nicki getting her arms T-Rexin' at a beefcake's funeral? F-in' hilarious. Ha ha ha ha ha, pop them peepers

Then they threw her in the mix with a Blaxploitation riff, Bride of Blackenstein. And she played up that combination of Brain of an DMV clerk, nails of a Walgreen's cashier and the mouth of a ho who didn't know her place (that's how she described herself!) 

"It's check day! I got an outfit on, I wanna dance, baby. Let's get it!"

The party didn't stop there, cuz when Ms Minaj comes out for performance #2, she's workin' that "real hair" from Blackenstein. Cheeky b, I love your playful way! You know that's part of her official tour wardrobe now

So skillful a comedienne with an up for anything playfulness, for the first time in a minute I was reminded of the promise before she released a mediocre album. 

I'ma put my faith back in you, girl. Don't f**k it up. 

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