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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bring Back This is Why You're Fat

Kids, after 36 hours of not being able to eat anything, food seems to be all that's on my mind. On that note I'd like to put in a formal request to bring back one of my favorite blogs, "This is Why You're Fat",

It's pretty straight forward: in your travels through this great land of ours, if you sight a piece of truly grisly, gluttonous garbage masquerading as dinner, well snap it and send it to the blog and they'll place it in their visual library of lard. Let's take a gander at some of my faves off the blog:

(This is for you, Miss B.J.: Chocolate covered bacon. The skewers make 'em classy)

(You got your grilled cheese in my birthday cake. No, you got your birthday cake in my grilled cheese!)

Well I've been a fan for awhile, checking in to see what muckety muck had made its way up today. It was all so easy until they stopped posting in December. I know they got the book deal and all (see above image and if so intrigued but bring us more images of the sticky and greasy and all its decadent and delicious trappings

(Forget pimento, honey, I want a Baby Ruth in my fried Jalapeno pepper!)

(Everyone knows you must wrap your Twinkie before any action)

(I want my baby stacked, my baby stacked meat sandwich)

In short, I'll make a final plea: come back to us, my old friend and remind us why we're fat. We need you. You could be part of Michelle Obama's eat right initiative. Don't make me call the White House!

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