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Friday, February 18, 2011

Book Club: Eyes of Laura Mars

Timing perfectly with Fashion Week, I'm devouring the novel version of "Eyes of Laura Mars", an admitted 'late nite drunken Ebay purchase' by Mr. G. 

Now if you haven't seen this amazing movie that the book is based on (yes, you heard that right: the book is based on the movie!) well why do you even read my blog??? 

(The movie poster in French. Maybe if I watched it in another language it wouldn't be 
so bad?)

Faye Dunaway plays photographer Laura Mars obsessed with producing slick commercial images of violence against stunning women, a not at all hidden homage to Helmut Newton.

Well, wouldn't you know it, even with all her work commitments piling up, all of sudden Ms. Mars starts witnessing first hand though a killer's eyes, attacks on her co-workers

(Pop them peepers!)

The movie makes no effort to make any damn sense of why or how, but they tried to flesh it out a bit with a tacked on history of E.S.P. storyline for Laura, but again, none of that matters. What's remarkable to me about the book is how they managed to nail Dunaway's cadence on the printed page. You can practically hear her beat these sentences out of her perfect pout

(oh yeah, there's a midget and a sorta Lady Day-esque outfit too... someone tell me what the Hell is going on in this movie???)

Hopefully the book ends differently than the movie, cuz that "twist ending" was pretty clunky and obvious.

Until then, here's a fun little video I found on YouTube that actually makes the movie look artsy. Enjoy. 

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