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Friday, February 25, 2011

One Year Anniversary Gift Part 2

I have no memory (except that you still owe me a one year, paper anniversary gift,
of course) so these sticky notes are ideal for me

And as Mr G can attest, I use Post Its for EVERYTHING! From reminders to buy bread and pumpkin butter tacked to the fridge, to a helpful heads up that the cat's been fed and doesn't need two dinners, I can get real slutty with the Post Its.

And with these cute little bastards plastered all over my room, I might actually remember to do my laundry and make an appointment with my accountant to file my taxes

Well, maybe....

(The monkey with the cymbals is a must! How do I not have these in my life yet???)

(Animal adventures sticky notes with art by Junzo Terada, $11 for 8 different sticky note pads at Fred Flare,

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