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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Perfect Day: Birthday Cake and Vintage

Umm... how many sweets and vintage treats can a little guy fit in one day?

I start the day taking pictures of my hometown early in the morning in the light, windy snow. Very cinematic and calming and not at all the Winter pummeling I hear tale about back in New York. I guess I left just in time.

Then my sister and I lunch at our fave vegetarian restaurant that I also worked at for a year or two back in the day. Many of my personal favorite items I'd get for my employee meal daily have made their way onto the permanent menu. Nice touch. My Indonesian stirfry is a nice playup of lime juice and peanut butter with veggies, rice and tofu. Exquisitely yummy. Plus the owner sends out a special birthday chocolate mousse when I explain it's my sister's birthday and that's why I'm in town. He, like the mousse, is so sweet.

At home my mom makes my sister the pink "funfetti" Valentine's themed birthday cake. Looks like Pepto-Bismol, tastes like heaven (although I also think Pepto is yummy...)

To round out the day we do my favorite thing in the world: go vintage shopping outside of New York. In the "real world", treasures can be found and trinkets can be acquired for a reasonable price. We start out at another former employer of mine, Venus on the Halfshell, a hot spot for delectable designs for girls and boys and the finds of any MD trip.

I'm mad for this tinsel topped party dress at Venus. The perfect frock for the mistress pretending that the cocktail party hostess has just introduced her to her secret married lover. Lovely to meet you, monsieur.

(60's tinsel topped dress, size Medium, $68 at Venus on the Halfshell, 301-662-6213)

The store's front houses an interior designer's dream trove of vintage furniture. Amidst all the prize contenders, this Danish shadow box mirror is a knockout. Way to illuminate the negative space and make the lines of the mirror pop. Genius!

(Pedersen + Hansen Danish back-lit shadow box mirror, $350 at Venus on the Halfshell, 301-662-6213)

My friend and the owner of Venus is not to be outdone by any of her surroundings, of course. On her neck shines a bib necklace of glass and metal from the estate sale of mid-century fashion designer Claire McCardell. Gorgeous and even better since McCardell was another local Marylander made good. Go Claire! And go Miss J.S.! Thanks for the fun and the caffeine.

(not for sale. she'd never part with it!)

Having gossiped and pawed the beautiful bits too long at Venus, we barely make it to Select Seconds seconds before close. A thrift that benefits the local hospital, this is a hunker down and hunt for the gold kinda store. We don't have much time but before our speedy exit I notice this wingdinger. Oh Aaron Burr, you give the best life advice!

(Wood sign with protective husband, $5 at Select Seconds Thrift, 301-662-8280)

I think I want more cake....


  1. I think we should all have more cake! Looks great and I will enjoy indulging often! XOXO

  2. Loved seeing and hearing about your adventures. Am in love with the tinsel-top dress, but sadly, I don't think it would fit me. (BTW, I think Pepto is yummy, too!). xoL


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