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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Designers Want You to Cocoon for Fall 2011

(the original)

It appears more than a few American designers attended  the "Balenciaga: Spanish Master" exhibition at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute recently because there were numerous homages on this past week's runway to Cristobal's famous "cocoon coat"

(Marc Jacobs) 

The shape is simple: a coat made of a clean, fluid sphere that is like a shell for the body and provides a pedestal for the wearer's head

(Narciso Rodriguez)

Introduced in the 50's at the height of The New Look, Balenciaga went against the grain of over-emphasizing a woman's hour glass figure and instead opened the silhouette that allowed the woman movement and a certain air of chic

(Derek Lam's cropped shearling was a fresh interpretation for 2011)

(Lyn Devon's sweatshirt style felt new too)

(Thom Browne exaggerated the shape big time)

Will this trend carry over to Europe? Will retail embrace this harder to sell shape? Will everyone being doing the turtle this Fall? We shall see....

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