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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Non, Cherie!

People, you're going to start thinking me a bitter old queen (start?), but I really can't get behind Natalie Portman's new commercial for Miss Dior Cherie. The perfume is supposed to be a youthful scent full of vigor, so I'm a little lost at the art direction of this ad.

Gone are the days when girls in confectionery dresses floated carefree above Paris on a pack of balloons

Or danced in denim in neon lit backstreet clubs

Or frolicked in rose gardens and had tea parties

Now this Sofia Coppola directed spot is all "kept girlfriend attending mid-day Operas and waiting for her non-descript rich white boyfriend to propose".

That's not really a life I think I'd long for as an independent, vivacious teenage girl
(and let's be honest, I may be part bitter old queen, but the other part of me is a teenage girl!)

-Sigh- I expect more, Dior

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