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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fashion Trend Death Knell: Panama Hats

Why are Panama hats, the huge pretentious Summer 2009 trend, still omnipresent?

You hear that, Lassie? That's the toll of the bell. It's over. Unless you're Earnest Hemingway, they not cute.


  1. I know - though I would rather see those, than those horrible faux cowgirl hats that were on everyone, in the late 90's. Make it stop, you are in NEW YORK, not TEXAS! (Oh, and as I write this, I realize that in a few years, they will be back, as "retro" urban cowgirl looks AGAIN. Sigh!). xoxl

  2. "Retro Urban Cowgirl". that's like a trend forecaster's worst nightmare.

  3. hey son your great grand father use to wear one of these and it was good to keep the heat and sun off of your head and face.....and then your grand father use to wear them too....oh well they are a fixture in the older Culler house hold.


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