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Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer in the City

Yesterday I spent a full day running the hot and humid city.

I worked til 5pm and then strolled through my old 86th and Lexington neighborhood. I popped into the health food store I used to frequent daily and visited with the "store cat", Mimi. She's a real peach!

I ran across the street to join Miss KM in a little Highland Diner action.

I love her salad and mid-day Bud Lite combo

And nail polish matching the carrots? Extra points, Missy!

I always get the exact same thing at a diner: grilled cheese on rye with onion, coleslaw, lots of pepper.


Mr Taurus met me in Union Square. He walked me home to Chinatown, but first a pit stop for an IPA at my favorite dive, Botanica.

We made it back just in time for another episode of True Blood and some corn on the cob with Mr G. 

Afterwards Mr Taurus and I talked through the nite about what we want and what the city means to us. A magical finish to a pretty cool day.

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