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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doin' It: PRIDE Weekend

(MALO at 68th and Madison showing their true colors)

(Workin' my pink polo and horse pin. And ain't nothing more proud than a horse!)

(And the partner that makes me proud!)


  1. Aw, this post made me so happy! Loved the pic of you in your horse pin, and also the pic of Mr Taurus - so sweet! There was a vintage store in Hudson NY, who did a fab Pride display, with the vintage dresses arranged in the colors of the rainbow. Then they had women from the store, each wear the dresses in the parade up there. So, the first one was in a red dress, then orange, then yellow, etc - so, they formed the rainbow and walked in the parade that way. So fabulous, I will send you a pic! xoxl

  2. Please send those pics from the vintage store Pride parade. That sounds amazing! Who promotes like that anymore, honey?


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