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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

RESORT to This: Coco Chanel Influence

It's Resort 2011 time and can you smell the No. 5? So many stylistic references have been made this past week by fashion designers to Coco Chanel the lady, the designer, the myth.

Let's take one accessory off and examine the evidence:

(Jason Wu)


(Jason Wu)

(Erin Fetherston)

(Yigal Azrouel)


(Lela Rose)

(Oscar de la Renta)

The ironic thing is that Karl Lagerfeld's 70's beach babe designs for Chanel were a glaring exception. 

1 comment:

  1. I am such a sucker for those striped long sleeved tee shirts, I never get tired of them, and I often think of how Picasso and Warhol used to wear them, along with Gaultier, and of course Coco herself. I am trying to find a nice black and white one these days, if you spy any bargain versions, let me know (H&M, Forver 21, even Gap, etc. Maybe Zara has some of them now, I have to start looking. I got one on sale at Club Monaco years ago, it was perfect, and of course, it got ruined in the wash, sigh!).
    And, you are the ONLY one who also noticed the irony, that everyone else was doing these classic Chanel looks, except for "Uncle Karl." I didn't love this beach babe show, although this is so not "me" (ie, hot weather and boho styles, definitely not me!). So, it just didn't grab me, but I get it. It just doesn't seem very Chanel to me, I found it kind of "meh," but I only saw little pics online. LOVED that you thought the same thing about it that I did, though! Kindred spirits! xoxl


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