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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vintage That "Works"

Setting up the vintage sale at Housing Works this weekend I stumbled across some real gems.

When I was little my sister had these exact same Barbie schleppers

(Barbie cases, $25 for the pair)

I dressed "Meadow", the store's Muse, in a little something

(vintage colorful cotton sheath, $30, velvet hat, $5 and brown scarf, $5)

But out of everything I found the reading material most inspiring

(all books, $1)

All items from Housing Works, 245 W 10th St, (212) 352-1618,


  1. I loves me some vintage paperback Quentin Crisp! Excellent finds! Love that you named the mannequin, too! xoxol

  2. ps - I still have one of my Barbie schleppers (love that you called it that!). I keep beading supplies in there, it's red patent leather, which makes me sooo happy! xoxl


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