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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where Have I Been? Where Has Diego Luna Been?!

I never see much of my former celeb boyfriend, Diego Luna, ever since we broke up. We had such a sweet run and he was the first in a string of beautiful brown boys that stole my heart. But soon it was 2004 and he'd just completed that superfluous Dirty Dancing sequel and alas, I'd moved on to Fabrizio from The Strokes.

Well now my former sweetie is poppin' up in Katy Perry videos

I'm obviously not on top of  the Perry video grind or else I would have realized this when this video came out in November, but this brush with loves past still gives me pause

Diego looks like his charming, goofy self posing in hats and vintage Persian lamb coats, all scruffy and shaggy haired and adorable

The dramatic Mustang crash scene only refuels this French cinema lover's passion for my little Mexican cutie

And wouldn't you know it, like my longing, Diego's spirit proves eternal! 



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