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Friday, January 27, 2012

Let's Put Alexis Mabille's Couture Quote to the Test

"This is couture you can really wear"   - Alexis Mabille,

Hmm... let's see

Okay let's just get right out of the way that large floral hats and painted faces are old stage tricks and never implied reality.  That swing coat, however, is quite elegant with a maxi (although I'd steer clear of the dreaded matchy matchy) but also the perfect topper for a casual look in need of a punch of refinement. Totally wearable! 

Stretch jersey dresses have been many a designers bread and butter and that rich colorblocking is right on trend. The asymmetrical shoulder bow is too long and that fringe feels too heavy, but a good whack of the scissors makes this a pretty summer evening dress with a high up wood bangle on the clean arm. Cute. 

People, I'm letting you know Easter egg colored pants are on their way. GAP, Joe's Jeans, J Crew ... so many already have this trend stocked ten to the rafters and every girl worth her 3-pack of Hanes little boy wife beaters will be sporting this look when the temps rise. The brocade here is the key twist and could transition to fall with dark suiting or angora short sleeve sweaters. 

Surprisingly youthful for a couture show, this laser cut dress is both bohemian and light and sweet. Many women turn to that flirty combination for a more polished summer look. Absolutely wearable and will be knocked off a bunch! 

Wow, did a fashion designer use real talk just now? Must be a full moon. 

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