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Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Style Icons: Ned from Part 1

It's Friday the 13th and time for the next installment of "Lucky at the Mall, Unlucky at Camp" featuring chic campers that upstaged Jason Vorhees with some killer style.

Today's fashion victim subject is Ned Rubenstein, aka Neddy, aka our favorite gay hipster from the original "Friday the 13th"

Honey, if you've been anywhere near Metropolitan in the Summer, you're well versed on this jean cutoffs and vintage tee look. 

But pretty soon Ned can't resist his nelly nature and it's fast track time to de-clothe and dance! 

Later, Neddy tries to get all butch in the snake confrontation (well as butch as white jean shorty shorts allow) 

But for repeating a look, he's forced to go off to gay pastures otherwise known as the off-screen death scene

Oh poor Ned, you didn't even make it to the all nite rave, where you'd meet some weird guy that keeps buying you drinks and then in a haze decide to go home with for a nite of risky choices and hot breath. You were robbed! 

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