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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ten Things I Loved in January

2012 is already 1/12th of the way done. Let's see what things didn't piss me off this month:

1. Lemon Ginger tea from Twining's 

A right kick in the a** on a winter's day.

2. This jacket from the Fall 2012 Kenzo runway

Yeah, this could very well be a shirt, but you know my dumbness would wear it as a jacket. In 40 degree cold. 

3. Finished this book

Before my three month deadline! 

4. Jack's Wife Freda restaurant

Turns out, it is new. And that vegetable couscous with tangy chutney is delicious (despite its hard to swallow $16 price tag)

(Photos from i-phone by candlelight. Bugger off.) 

5. I became an uncle!

Three times over. 

6. Charlize Theron on Top Chef

That Snow White flick of hers don't even come out 'til June and she's already out there peddling it with "make me a feast fit for an evil queen" throw downs. But I'm dying to go see it, so I'll shut up. Theron knows what she's doin', wicked shillster! 

(Winning dish featured a red right hand) 

7. Madonna in her various W.E. promotional Fuckery

Speaking of evil queens...

8. Getting paid to write this pun

"Worried you'd never get your hands on a fine Robert Graham shirt like this 'Venice' style? Well with prices this good, you 'canal'."

 9. Movies about masochistic, exhibitionist peak Jane Fonda with unexplained baby cheetah cameos

10. Miss Piggy re-tweeted me

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