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Friday, January 6, 2012

How Do You Tell Someone They Have Bad Taste?


At last nite's office holiday party, my fellow copywriters and I kiki off in a corner joined by one of our favorite customer service guys. All was well in the world until a friend of a friend mentioned being a part time music aficionado. The resident hipster in our group perked up her ears with an inquisitive "Oh"?

"Yes, my favorite musician is Jason Mraz. I've been a fan of his for so long I saw him play for $10 before anybody knew who he was"

Before we could let out the required laugh this obvious joke suggested (or I could quip he over payed) we realized he was being serious.

And we sat in awe


Hipster Office Co-Worker took the Pepsi challenge and threw out some other bands, hoping to move him away from his token guilty pleasure. I mean, we all get one (Hello, Selena Gomez)

When prompted, though, he threw out his other fave as, you guessed it, Dave Matthews Band.

It was over. I had to groan loudly. Ugh.

A heated band for band throwdown ensued and feeling threatened, he condescended " judging by your age..."

Well at least the 28 year old thinks my 32 year old ass looks younger. I'll take that as the wisest thing he said all eve.

We chose to end the conversation and in doing so, the nite. But I ask, how do you tell someone you don't know and is friends with someone you do know and like very much, "Dude, your taste sucks".

As we move out into the cold streets of Manhattan, Hipster Office Co-Worker goes "Damn! I hate it when boys I think are cute start talking"

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