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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Date Movie: Spirits of the Dead

After weeks of holiday go, go, go, Mr G and I were due for a roommate nite in. What better excuse than leftover Christmas cookies and Jane Fonda?

More specifically Jane Fonda's wardrobe

After displaying his wife's ability to change and unchange in rapid succession in Barbarella, Roger Vadim once again takes full advantage of 60's peak Jane in this lush adaption of an Edgar Allen Poe tale, "Metzengerstein" (one of three. The other two directed by Fellini and Louis Malle)

(So Gaultier for Hermes, non?)

Man he loves to play Barbie with her. Makes you wonder what home life was like....

Mr G and I loved this mess with its inexplicable implied romance between Jane and a black horse that represents her dead lover (played by real life brother, Peter Fonda) she accidentally murdered when she burned his barn down after he spurned her advances.


(Don't fuck with Jane)

Haunted by beastly brotherly love, she rides the black stallion off into a firestorm upon completion of a commissioned tapestry bearing his likeness

And butt be out! 

This is just the inspiring love story one needs to start the new year, right. 

As for the other two tales of this triptych, Bardot is stunning as a brunette and a young Terrance Stamp reminds me of an ex of mine, but both are equally tedious without the fag bait of a killer wardrobe. Skip. 

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