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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project Runway All Stars Austin vs Mondo: Opera Dresses

The battle royale between my fave All Star Gays continues. This week they were tasked with creating an opera dress for that 1% whom go to the opera. In gowns.

Hit it!


Well you knew, Joanna Coles knew, hell even the other contestants knew that Austin had "design a fancy opera dress" in the bag

I will say I was surprised by the Capote Swans styling, but could anyone argue this was the winner? (Michael Costello's gown has impact, but we've seen that McQueen send up far too many times on Project Runway)


It's funny when this appeared on the TV screen i thought it a miss. But it photographs beautifully. 

Still this was an obvious Austin win. 

Brings the score to

Austin     1

Mondo   1

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