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Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Book Club of 2012: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Man it's been four score and seven years ago since I sank my teeth into a good book!

Technically I started reading this in November, but that's a horrible time to begin a book. Holiday madness ensued and book got dusty.

Now, reality's back and so is my groove.

After his BOOM success reigniting interest in tired old Jane Austen via zombies, Mr. Grahame-Smith slaps a vampire varnish on our favorite $5 bill. Part history, part True Blood, "ALVH" exposes the real reason Abe got so passionate about slavery and politics: vampires. Vamps were using slaves as fast food and whites were profiting, unaware that they were next on the menu. Valiant (or traitorous, depending on your view here) vamp, Henry, hires on Abe to slaughter his mean old brethren and Lincoln's manifest destiny begins.

I'm really diggin' this book for its play with history and dramatic encounters with the blood thirsty undead. Abe uses his trusty axe to promote peace and honor his dead mother who fell prey to a bloodsucker. Chopping heads never toed the line between diplomacy and straight out revenge so well.

And even though things are picking up into full speed cuckoo at work, I remain optimistic that I shall complete the first entry in 2012's Book Club by Lincoln's Birthday. Or at least President's Day....

(Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Paperback 352 Pages, New Condition, $9.99 plus free shipping at The Book Depository,

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