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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good Advice: Take EVERY Opportunity!

Last nite Mr G kept trying to cajole me out for our friend's birthday party. But with New York in the grip of a mean old 14 degree cloak of coldness +5, I resisted and resigned myself to an evening of fat pants and black cat belly rubs.


This morning

Mr G: You should have come out with us last nite. You'll never guess who joined us for karaoke.

Me: Oh you went to karaoke. Dang!

Mr G: Alek Wek!

Me: Wait ---- WHAT?!

And just like that I realized my puss out had resulted in a missed duet of  'Islands in the Stream' with the former Moschino, Issey Miyake and Clinique model.

Perhaps the lesson of 2012 is one I've learned before and now must bare to repeat: Don't say no to opportunities, you never know when a Sudanese supermodel might be involved. 

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