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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is Lana Del Ray Tired of Playing "Video Games" ?

This weekend internet sensation Lana Del Ray was the musical guest on SNL


Needless to say this was not the intended grand debut and all the people who didn't know her before now think of her in infamy.

Most biting, people said she couldn't sing.

I've never had a hit single, so I can't comment officially here, but just imagine flogging the same old jam over and over like a piece of stale chewing gum. Perhaps Del Ray's premier proffer, "Video Games" has lost its flavor for her. That would explain why she toyed with the composition of the song to mixed fruition.

Take in contrast her first TV performance on Later... with Jools Holland


Notice the note hitting and the emoting. This time her passion is audible and laudable, but then it was months of live tap dancing ago. I am not defending the poor girl with the hit single and media blitz, I'm just wondering aloud. Yes, I think she unprepared and needed more time to season her stage presence, but mayhaps it's telling that the song that has been hers to helm is about indifference (from a lover) and lopsided effort.

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