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Monday, January 16, 2012

Three Makes it a Trend: Berry Formal

(Emma Stone in luscious Lanvin)

Funny thing about celebrity stylists is they work from a very skewed calendar. There's always this race to get the latest or to make sure your client doesn't repeat a designer look, so clothes tend to be pulled from seasons ahead. In theory last nite's Golden Globes should have been a grand review of trends that will be hitting retail for Spring 2012.

Of course, the upcoming yellows and green color trends were represented but there was also a push for wintry maroons

Viola Davis was perfection in a pinot Pucci

Even host Ricky Gervais vamped in vermilion 

So my question now is, was this a gemtone last hurrah or will there be a Springtime rubicund rush? 

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