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Monday, January 23, 2012

Project Runway All Stars Austin vs Mondo: Miss Piggy is the Client!

Work it out!

Most of the designers were floored by the opportunity to dress such a fashionable figure in pop culture. How they composed themselves at all is beyond my fathoming....

                         (Austin)                                                                                        (Mondo)                                

Oh, that's right, they didn't! 

Blech, guys. What happened here? Both dresses are far too referential. Austin's is straight up Proenza Schouler for Target 

While Mondo's look is cribbed from Bryce Howard Dallas in "The Help" 

Damn! Down to that unfortunate helmet hair! 

Either way, both were literal and literally AWFUL! 

If I have to chose, Austin, you sneak by with this week based entirely on styling. Your model's hair and youthful energy are far more Piggy than that Betty Ford look of Mondo's

(Stealing Angela Lindvall's thunder!)

So the score is:

Austin  2

Mondo 1

Don't be too excited, Senor, that was a default point. You better step it up!

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